Founded in 1989, McDonald Anderson has helped clients achieve business goals in countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. We have worked with many organizations: advertising agencies, commercial and investment banks, pharmaceutical manufacturers, publishers, universities, and international nonprofit organizations.

In many cases, our clients hire us to deliver programs in several countries: they are confident that we will be able to adjust the content and delivery of material to make the learning meaningful wherever the program is conducted. In fact, 60 per cent of our business is now conducted outside of the U.S.
• A major U.S. investment bank uses our management training programs to set standards and to develop managers in the U.S. and in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. We have worked with them to have our materials translated into Japanese for their Japanese staff.

• Another investment bank asked us to develop an interviewing skills training program to help them recruit and select high-potential staff. We created an interviewing model based on their needs and have trained several hundred of their staff on how to use it. As a result, the company has streamlined its interviewing process and improved the hiring decisions made in its offices throughout Asia, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

• In Austria, we train university scientists to present research findings more effectively at international conferences.

• A major Japanese advertising company uses our programs to help its account management team develop their skills at presenting creative ideas to its German and American clients.

• A United Nations agency asked us to deliver management training in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We went to work delivering programs in four languages and meeting the local needs in 15 countries.

• In Tokyo, a German bank asked us to re-design its performance appraisal system and to train its German and Japanese staff in coaching skills. As a result, efficiency improved significantly, according to a company survey.

• A major U.S. computer company hired us to conduct our Global Presenter program for its international project staff. Participants gained important insights on how to adapt the content and style of their presentations for diverse audiences in the many countries they visit.

• A European pharmaceuticals company asked us to train its U.S.-based sales managers in coaching skills in order to enhance the competitiveness of its U. S. sales team.

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